Corrugated World: The Art of James Grashow

March 16 – April 26, 2017


The whimsical carboard creations and intricately carved woodcut prints of James Grashow provide a rare glimpse into the creative mind, process and evolution of this Connecticut-based artist. Curators: Margot Clark-Junkins + Karen Sheer

Great Monkey Project, corrugated board, 2006, $700 each; photo credit, Robert Grant
Corrugated Dancers, corrugated board on wheeled platform, $12,000; 2014; no photo credit; 10'  tall x 3' wide and 6 ½’ long
Black and White Houseplant; paper, wood and acrylic paint, 2016, $18,000; no photo credit, 32" tall x 10" x 10"
Herons in the Stream; corrugated board, acrylic paint; 2004, $70,000; photo credit Karen Sheer, 3 1/2' tall x 5 1/2' long and 14" wide
Statue of Liberty; woodcut on Japanese paper; edition of 400; 1986, $1200 unframed; no photo credit; 36" x 23" wide

Thursday March 16, 6-8 pm  Opening Reception

Friday March 24, 5-7:30 pm  Extended gallery hours prior to feature documentary film: The Cardboard Bernini at 8 pm in the Cole Auditorium followed by talk with artist James Grashow

Thursday April 6th, 11 am  Coffee with the Curators