An Exciting New Form of Self-Expression – Flinn Gallery Opens: Beyond Street Art

Greenwich Free Press
An Exciting New Form of Self-Expression – Flinn Gallery Opens: Beyond Street Art

February 5, 2018

by Karen Sheer

Today, street art has traveled to nearly every corner of the globe, evolving into a highly complex and ornate art form.

In the first exhibition of its kind for Greenwich, Beyond Street Art brings the explosive energy of the street to Flinn Gallery, on exhibit through March 7, 2018.

Curated by Ruth Sutcliffe, the exhibition features the work of five acclaimed artists whose work is intricately linked to the urban environment: Swoon, Lady Pink, Billy the Artist, Paul Deo and Blake Jamieson.


Pictured, from the Opening: Artists Paul Deo, Lady Pink, Billy the Artist and Blake Jamieson. Curator Ruth Sutcliffe in center.

Photo: Karen Sheer


Greenwich Time
The Flinn brings street art to Greenwich

January 31, 2018

by Alexandra Villarreal

GREENWICH — Perched on catty-cornered ladders, Paul Deo and Isabelle Schiavi drape the fabric so its explosive swirls and dashes juxtapose the blank white wall peeking from behind. This installation isn’t easy — Schiavi extends an arm and Deo reaches to match it, but they can’t seem to meet perfectly in the middle 

… Deo’s enormous piece — spanning almost an entire corner of the Flinn Gallery — is one of many in a five-artist show opening at Greenwich Library on Thursday. Curated by Ruth Sutcliffe with Schiavi’s aid, “Beyond Street Art” is an exploration of multimedia work that ventures beyond the confines of what is usually displayed in town.

“I don’t think that there’s been a show in Greenwich that combines five urban artists in one space,” said Sutcliffe.

She hopes the exhibit, which runs through March 7, will help visitors “open their minds about street art, or street artists.”


Photo:  Tyler Sizemore/Hearst Connecticut Media