“Memory of Place” Memory Wall

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The places we have been to will stay with us in our memory forever. This memory concept of a place enables it to have a tight grip on us. Our attachment to our home is so powerful that losing it could be devastating. We think we own a home, but our homes own us too. Like all our blessings, we take our homes for granted. We forget how important our home is to us while we own them, but this oblivion vanishes if we lose it. This is evident when you see people who have lost their belongings in a disaster such as a flood or fire. They walk around like ghosts going through the remnants of what is left.

Memory of Place is a show focused on the strong connection we develop with our homes. In Frank Poor’s work, we observe and experience the sweetness of memories, especially those of childhood. The importance of our surroundings as a child is reflected in his work. The vast blues skies of his native Georgia and the images of homes, churches and the surrounding trees are full of charm and somewhat whimsical.

Thomas Doyle’s work illustrates the destabilizing effect of a home, a place where we feel the safest. His work shows that we are never safe and what we imagine our haven can at any moment fall apart. He shows that underneath the beautiful surfaces and manicured lawns, there is danger, always present even though invisible to us.

The show reminds of the recent disasters and how fragile life is.

By: Fereshteh Priou

October 1, 2017

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” Memory of Place” Memory Wall

September 29, 2017
The only Paradise is paradise lost.   – Marcel Proust
Writings on the wall…
Memories of Places…






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“Memory of Place” Artist Talk

Posted September 11, 2017


The artist talk event on Sunday at 2 pm was attended by many despite the fine weather. The talk was amazingly interesting. The dialogue between the artists was followed by a Q&A and everyone enjoyed the exchanges between the artists and the audience about reality, perception and the unreliability and imperfection of our memories.


“Memory of Place” Memory Wall

Posted September 8, 2017


Memory of Place is a show focusing on our experience of a place to which we have been emotionally attached. We don’t realize the importance of that experience at the time when it happens. It is only later in the future when we are reminded of it through a sensory stimulant such as a taste, smell, sight, sound or touch that we are filled with feelings of nostalgia, longing and even sadness for a cherished moment and a treasured place that is no longer at reach. To make the show interactive and accentuate the importance of memories in this show, we created a wall in the gallery titled “Memories of Places…”. Through this wall, we encourage visitors to share their memories of a special place or a unique moment with each other.

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