Spaces of Uncertainty

March 21 – April 30, 2019

SOUBANNERValeri Larko Abandoned Bronx Golf Center II

In an accelerating world, our built environments are constantly being reimagined for increased profitability and productivity. But what of the abandoned structures and spaces that are left behind? Spaces of Uncertainty profiles the work of Valeri Larko, Linda Kuehne and Sonya Blesofsky who are not afraid to slow down and question these leftover spaces, their stories and the fleeting presences that haunt them still. Curated by Isabelle Schiavi.

Please note: Sonya Blesofsky’s images are representative of her work, she will be creating a site-specific installation for Flinn Gallery.

Sonya Blesofsky

Linda Kuehne

Valeri Larko