In Plain Sight: The Library Print Collection

February 6, 2020 – April 22, 2020

Sam Francis, Hurrah for the Red White and Blue, 194/400, 1961, 20 x 25 1/2 in


The Flinn Gallery is pleased to present In Plain Sight The Library Print Collection. The second part of our on-going exhibition showcases the Library’s collection of mid-century prints. After the 1930’s, lithographic prints rose in popularity as a way of introducing fine art to a new middle class audience. For many years these artworks were borrowed through the Library Lending Art Program for local offices and homes. Eventually the prints were deemed too valuable or fragile to circulate and they were hung in the library instead.

Over 40 selected print works will be on display including: Sam Francis’ abstract splatters in “Hurrah for the Red White and Blue” (shown above), Claes Oldenburg’s “City as Alphabet”, Ben Shahn’s “Freedom Riders” suite of portraits from 1965 and Alexander Calder’s “Moon and Mountain” from 1960.

For further additional information on the exhibition and a booklist create to complement the show please go to:In Plain Sight: The Library Print Collection Press Release