Exhibit by Cambodian artists at the Flinn Gallery in Greenwich

Greenwich Time
Exhibit by Cambodian artists at the Flinn Gallery in Greenwich

May 9, 2017

by Joel Lang

“The most ambitious exhibit ever undertaken by the all-volunteer-run Flinn Gallery of the Greenwich Library had its beginnings more than two years ago after Debra Fram, a 25-year Flinn veteran, returned from an arts tour of Cambodia.

Fram was no ordinary tourist in the country perhaps still best known in the West as the “Killing Fields” of the Khmer Rouge. She had gone as a board member of a family foundation that supports Cambodia Living Arts, a program dedicated to reviving what the Khmer Rouge had all but destroyed during its mid-1970s reign of terror.”

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The Cambodia Daily
Major Exhibition Takes Contemporary Cambodian Art to US

May 4, 2017

By Michelle Vachon

“The theme of the exhibition is as intriguing as Cambodia itself: a land in which events of the past 50 years continue to weigh on people, even those far too young to have witnessed them.

“Cambodia: Looking Back on the Future,” opening today in the U.S., will feature the works of 11 artists as well as performance art staged by Cambodian-American Amy Sandford.”

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Greenwich Free Press
New Exhibit at Flinn Gallery: Cambodia, Looking Back on the Future 

May 2, 2017

By Karen Sheer

“This breathtaking exhibit takes a deeper look at contemporary art in Cambodia, exploring notions of time, identity and history. Central to all the works selected for the exhibition is the human figure. The figure, like in traditional art forms, is an important device for many artists to assert personal narratives, implying significance and meaning in the context of larger historical events.”

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