Material World

September 10 – October 28, 2020

Material World features two painters – Leeah Joo of Middlebury, CT and Stephanie Serpick of Brooklyn, NY – and one fiber artist, Jennifer Davies of Branford, CT. All three artists bring the nuances and richness of materials, such as drapery, sheets, and paper to life through color, composition, and texture. Behind the physical appearance of folds, layers, and creases, there are hidden narratives based on what is visible, what is concealed, and what is imagined. Curators: Katy Finnell and Nancy Heller.

This virtual tour of the exhibition will enable you to meet the curators and hear from the 3 talented artists in the show.

All works are for sale, please INQUIRE

Jennifer Davies

Jennifer Davies,
"All We Know", 2017.
Pigmented handmade paper, rubber washers, thread,
20 in. x 17 in.
Jennifer Davies, "Night Gaze", 2020. Indigo dyed kozo lace and thread, 72 in. x 48 in.  $2,500
Jennifer Davies, "Lost in Flight", 2019. Gampi with shredded airmail letters, thread, 58 in. x 30 in.  NFS

Leeah Joo

Leeah Joo,
"Pojagi Hope", 2017.
Oil on canvas,
48 in. x 48 in.
Leeah Joo, "Colossus", 2017. Oil on canvas, 30 in. x 30 in. $5,000
Leeah Joo,
"Pado", 2014.
Oil on canvas,
36 in. x 48 in.

Stephanie Serpick

Stephanie Serpick,
"A New Fall #9", 2017.
Oil on Panel,
16 in. x 20 in.
Stephanie Serpick,
"A New Fall #32", 2019.
Oil on Panel,
9 in. x 12 in.
Stephanie Serpick,
"A New Fall #17", 2018.
Oil on Panel,
20 in. x 24 in.


Thursday, September 10, 6 – 8pm – Virtual Opening Reception, Material World