Material World

September 10 – October 28, 2020

Jennifer Davies

Material World artist Jennifer Davies graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design as an illustration majorDrawing was her focus, until she discovered papermaking in the 1980s at the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven. From that point on paper moved from her support to her art and she experimented with paper pulp, pouring and splashing the thick liquid to create paintings, low reliefs, and three-dimensional pieces. Years later she learned about Japanese fibers and papermaking and adopted these traditions due to their focus on materiality and natural pigments. Davies fiber art draws inspiration from her earlier drawings and includes handmade paper, collage, and woven pieces that are colorful, playful, and allude to images from nature. Join Davies in her studio as she demonstrates the paper-making techniques she uses in creating pieces such as Icy Moon.

Jennifer Davies,
"All We Know", 2017.
Pigmented handmade paper, rubber washers, thread,
20 in. x 17 in.
Jennifer Davies, "Boro Passage", 2017. Indigo dyed handmade paper, 56 in. x 38 in.  NFS
Jennifer Davies, "Fog", 2012. Bird netting and handmade paper, 42 in. x 27 in.  On Reserve
Jennifer Davies, "Icy Moon", 2014. String, ink, and handmade paper, 37 in. diameter  $1,500
Jennifer Davies, "Indigo", 2015. Pigment and plaster on handmade paper, 30 in. x 39 in.  $1,000
Jennifer Davies, "Knocking from the Inside", 2011. Handmade paper, 22 in. x 25 in.  $600
Jennifer Davies, "Lost in Flight", 2019. Gampi with shredded airmail letters, thread, 58 in. x 30 in.  NFS
Jennifer Davies, "Medusa", 2015. Pigmented kozo fiber, 78 in. x 27 in.  $1,200
Jennifer Davies, "Night Gaze", 2020. Indigo dyed kozo lace and thread, 72 in. x 48 in.  $2,500
Jennifer Davies, "Portent", 2020. Bird netting, pulp, and thread, 75 in. x 66 in.  $2,000
Jennifer Davies, "Sequiriyas", 2012. Bird netting and handmade paper, 68 in. x 26 in.  $1,500
Jennifer Davies, "Slow Float", 2017. Gauze, thread and handmade paper, 24 in. x 17 in.  $800
Jennifer Davies, "Up and Up", 2012. Handmade paper, pigment, bird netting, 60 in. x 24 in.  $1,000