An Uncommon Planet

March 24 – May 5, 2022
Left: Eric Seplowitz, "Space Exploration" (detail), Chromogenic Print, 30 in. H x 45 in. W, 2017. Right: Jonathan Pozniak, "Madagascar Aerial M142" (detail), 30 in. H x 44 in. W, 2019

An Uncommon Planet features the work of two photographers, Jonathan Pozniak and Eric Seplowitz. Both photographers are interested in the natural world and depict its unique features from different perspectives. Jonathan captures the majestic beauty of expansive icebergs and aerial landscapes, while Eric explores small minerals and rocks formed over millions of years and reveals details that are invisible to the naked eye. Despite these differences in scale and perspective, the photographs transform into abstract patterns of shapes and colors that share much in common. Planned in conjunction with Earth Day, these photographs encourage us to take a closer look and appreciate the astounding beauty of our fragile and ever-changing planet.

Curators: Nancy Heller and Alexis Abram

Jonathan Pozniak

Eric Seplowitz

Thursday, March 24, 6 – 8 pm, Flinn Gallery
Opening Reception

Saturday, April 2, 2 – 3pm, Flinn Gallery
Artist Talk with Eric Seplowitz

Saturday, April 23, 2 – 3pm, Flinn Gallery
Artist Talk with Jonathan Pozniak