Art Students League Revisited

May 3 – June 13, 2018

Sonomi Kobayashi, "Wave #16" (detail) 2017, oil on linen. 36" x 30" each, set of 4, 36" x 120"

Since 1875 the Art Students League, based in the same historic building in New York City, has been training artists in a variety of mediums in hands on classes. There is hardly an American artist of note of the late 19th or 20th century who has not been part of that vibrant artistic community. This exhibit, complementing a similar popular exhibit ten years ago, seeks to highlight several current League students and one instructor, and their varied and interesting work. All are award winners at the Art Students League. Curated by York Baker and Linda Butler.

Jeff Atwood

Thalia Chantziara

Rodolfo Edwards

Henry Finkelstein

Kathleen Gefell

Sonomi Kobayashi

William A. McDonough

Elisabeth Page Purcell